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ISO 9001 is Quality Management System that is internationally recognized
and means the entire production of quality assurance system in the process in the products and service.


Iso 14001 allows to efficiently manage the environmental impact through the
declaration for the waste prevention, compliannce with laws and continuous improvement.


The SQF is acronym for Safe Quality Food and means certified program of Global Food Safety Quality
Management that was approved by GFS on the basis of HACCP system to prevent hazard from mixing with food or
contamination in advance in all the process as to the food, agricultural, fisheries,livestock products and other
raw materials, manufacturing, processing and distribution.

SQF code is supposed to be split into 3 certification rating, and MANJUN SEAWEED has achieved the Level 3.


USDA is the organic certification issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture,
and it is an organic standards made of natural ingredients without using pesticides or fertilizers. The organic product certification of NOP, the system is managed so that it can response to regional conditions by integrating cultural, biological and mechanical practice, that is encouraging the ecological balance and to facilitate the circulation of resources, and conserve biological diversity.
The standard for National production, handling and labeling standards are
developed, performed and managed by NOP.


Organic Food is the food which certified as environmentally-friendly cultivated and processed food in accordance with the Organic standards. Korean Organic Certification is inspected and issued by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and it promotes the produce to supply higher quality Organic foods to the publics.


As Halal means ‘Permitted’ in Arabic, this HALAL Certification allows Muslim in Islamic law to eat and use. MUI Halal is certified by Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation where Muslim population is more than 200 million. As one of the most prestigious HALAL Certification, MUI HALAL is essentially required certification in Indonesia food industry.


KMF HALAL is inspected and issued by KMF, Korea Muslim Federation, and this certification is officially recognized by Malaysia JAKIM. Most of HALAL Certificate Authorities worldwide accept KMF HALAL as its one of the official HALAL Certifications.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA has the role to protect public health by managing efficient production, distribution, sales and safety of various products and keep monitoring about safety of products while consumers using the products.

106th Medical Detachment

As the first Seaweed Company in Korea who passed the 106th Medical Inspection of the strict food quality test conducted by U.S Department of Defense, Manjun Seaweed has been supplying the goods to U.S Military Camp up to now.


As the Russian Consumer Protect Regulation, GOST is strictly inspecting all the products which produced in Russia, or all the items which are distributed in Russia in accordance with the standards whether it is properly made for Russian Consumers.

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